Larger Us

Using psychology to bridge divides, build broader coalitions and bring people together.

A Larger Us world

We need to come together as a larger us.

Which is as much about our states of mind as the state of the world.

We work with change-makers to achieve breakthroughs on both.

Building a larger us

Our founder Alex outlines the five key skills that we think change-makers need in order to help build a larger us: building belonging, bridging divides, appealing to love not fear, helping communities to navigate times of crisis, and telling stories that bring people together rather than dividing them.

Our approach

Here's what we do.

Ideas and research

We publish ground-breaking research for change-makers to explore how they can draw on psychology to bring people together through their work.

Climate conversations

We're working with organisations from UNISON to the Women's Institute to train members and supporters in how to have great climate conversations - as a way of building a broader public mandate for action.

The Larger Us Programme

We've developed a flagship 6 week, small group based training for professional campaigners - exploring the capacities we need for change-making that builds a larger us.

Building the field

We run regular events for practitioners of larger us change-making - from strategy sessions to informal meetups. Drop us a line if you're interested in getting involved!

We'd love to hear from you

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