Larger Us

The quest for a better future begins in the places where our states of mind and the state of the world meet.

A Larger Us world

We’re poised between
two futures.

One: a breakdown future of chaos, conflict, and collapse.

The other: a breakthrough future of safety, restoration, and flourishing.

The choice between them starts inside our minds.

Whether we’re able to manage our mental states, at a moment of extraordinary turbulence.

Whether we react to people who disagree with us with empathy or enmity.

Whether we see ourselves as part of a polarised them-and-us or an inclusive Larger Us.

Our approach

Becoming a larger us involves both inner and outer work

We have work to do on ourselves

Getting good at managing our mental and emotional states. Correcting for our biases and prejudices. Accepting ourselves so that we don’t repress the parts we dislike and end up projecting them on to someone else - the root of scapegoating and othering.

We have work to do with each other

Learning how to listen deeply and have the courageous conversations that we need to have. Recognising how we inadvertently alienate people. Knowing how to respond when we see people being "othered", both on and off line.

We have work to do together

Standing resolutely for our highest values while also respecting those of others. Organising in ways that seek to heal rather than to defeat, and bridge divides instead of deepening them. Repairing our communities, rebalancing power, and restoring our planet.

This is the work we’re all about.