Larger Us

Inspiring a new kind of change-making.

Supporting a new kind of change-maker.

A Larger Us world

We need a new kind of change-maker

One who works towards a shift from ‘them-and-us’ to a ‘larger us’ world:

Who recognises the humanity in ‘the other side’, and what motivates them to act as they do.

Who is willing to listen and reach out beyond their usual support base.

Who understands and acts on the inner change needed to do this emotionally demanding kind of work.

Larger Us exists to inspire, support and connect the people who are making this happen.

Building a larger us

Our approach

Becoming a larger us involves both inner and outer work

We have work to do on ourselves

Getting good at managing our mental and emotional states. Correcting for our biases and prejudices. Accepting ourselves so that we don’t repress the parts we dislike and end up projecting them on to someone else - the root of scapegoating and othering.

We have work to do with each other

Learning how to listen deeply and have the courageous conversations that we need to have. Recognising how we inadvertently alienate people. Knowing how to respond when we see people being "othered", both on and off line.

We have work to do together

Standing resolutely for our highest values while also respecting those of others. Organising in ways that seek to heal rather than to defeat, and bridge divides instead of deepening them. Repairing our communities, rebalancing power, and restoring our planet.

This is the work we’re all about.

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