Get involved

Larger Us means all of us

People of all nations, ages, ethnicities, genders, politics, professions and creeds. Including you!

It’s designed to be co-created by everyone who wants to be involved. A place to ask big questions, to exchange knowledge, to build our skills and to organise.

How to get involved

Come to a talk

Join one of our regular events to kick ideas around with key larger us thinkers or explore the big questions about how we come together. Find details of all forthcoming events on EventBrite here.

Join the course

We’re running our next Larger Us Course this autumn to introduce and explore the capabilities we need to become a different kind of citizen, change-maker and leader. Find out more and apply here.

Shape and create

Help shape and create ideas on how we can become a larger us.

Spread ideas

Seen something we should feature in the newsletter? Know an organisation we should partner with? Got a brilliant idea to share with the network? We’d love to hear from you.

Anything else?

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