Get involved

Larger Us means all of us

People of all nations, ages, ethnicities, genders, politics, professions and creeds. Including you!

It’s designed to be co-created by everyone who wants to be involved. A place to ask big questions, to exchange knowledge, to build our skills and to organise.

How to get involved

Join a gathering

Join one of our fortnightly community gatherings where we discuss the practicalities of larger us change-making. All welcome! More info and book your place here.

Apply for the Programme

The Larger Us Programme is designed to help people become stronger, better, kinder change-makers. We don’t have upcoming dates right now but you can find out more here. If you’re interested in joining future groups drop us a line.

Share ideas

Seen something we should feature in the newsletter? Know an organisation we should partner with? Got a brilliant idea to share with the network? We’d love to hear from you.

Anything else?

Get in touch with us at: