From collective psychology to a larger us

2 years on from the launch of the Collective Psychology Project, we have a new name and a new vision: Larger Us

By Alex Evans — 19th Jan · 13 min read

It’s been two years since the launch of the Collective Psychology Project (CPP), and today that chapter draws to a close. Now, we’re shifting things up a gear with the launch of a new organisation: Larger Us.

Like CPP before it, Larger Us is about the connections between our states of mind and the state of the world, between individual and collective, between the psychological and the political – and how we can use them to help create a larger us rather than a them-and-us world.

But where CPP was about ideas, Larger Us is about figuring out how to apply them – in a way that’s co-created by everyone who wants to be involved.

A place to work on ourselves.

Somewhere we can get good at managing our emotional states to make us more resilient. Learn to correct for our biases and prejudices. Figure out how to accept ourselves so we don’t just project the bits we dislike onto someone else.

A place to work with each other.

Somewhere we can learn to listen deeply and have the courageous conversations we need to have. Recognise how we can inadvertently alienate people. Know how to respond when we see people being othered, on or off line.

A place to work together.

Somewhere to fight for a better future by standing resolutely for our highest values while still respecting those of others. To build bridges across divides instead of deepening them. To push for change in ways that imagine winning in terms of healing, not defeating.

Here’s what we’re working on…

We’re launching a new Larger Us Course to explore the kind of work, both outer and inner, that we all need to do. (More on that below.)

We’ll be sharing ideas – making this newsletter a regular thing, and both curating and reporting on new ways of driving larger us change in the world.

We’ll be organising more conversations – from small gatherings that create brave spaces for exploring tough issues, to webinars with larger us pioneers, and ultimately a network of small groups that support our inner and outer development.

And we’re building a team to support this work, and will be looking to get more people involved – as participants, consultants, partners, volunteers and paid interns – as fast as we can.

…and this is where we need you!

Larger Us is a space to ask the big questions at the borders of inner and outer, individual and collective – because none of us can have all of the answers yet.

We’d love for you to be involved. Here’s how.

  1. Sign up to stay posted. If you got this as an email from us, then you’re already on the list. If someone forwarded it to you, or you’re reading this on our blog, then subscribe for updates here.
  2. Register for the Larger Us Course, or recommend it to people you think would be interested. Details are here – it’s free, and applications close on Friday 29 January for the first group of 10 people, which will run weekly over four weeks from February 9th.
  3. Get in touch. Seen stuff we should feature in the newsletter? Want to write a post for our blog? Have suggestions for what else we should be doing? Drop us a line – we’d love to hear about it.

Now is the time

All of us can see the dark clouds gathering – political violence, Covid and its consequences, community breakdown, poverty and prejudice, climate chaos.

We’re all feeling different mixtures of rage, grief, and exhaustion as we struggle with the intense demands of this turbulent moment.

But we think something beautiful could be being born amid the ashes of the old.

All human history is the story of an ever larger us. From bands of hunter gatherers to chiefdoms. From city states to kingdoms. From nation states to global diasporas and the first photographs of Earth from space.

Now, we’re finally on the verge of seeing ourselves as an Us that includes everyone. 7.8 billion people. Other species. Future generations of both.

All of us.

Get in touch

Want to find out more?

Larger Us is designed to be co-created by everyone who wants to be involved.

A place to ask big questions, to exchange knowledge, to build our skills and to organise.

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